At Pantrage, our team of Crypto Experts uses Artificial Intelligence BOT to scan the top 10 Crypto Exchange Platforms and then Buy low at one Platform and sell high at another platform simultaneously.The entire process is carried out countless times a day by our team without you doing a single thing. Once the arbitrage transactions for the day have been completed, you will be paid your daily 3% earnings at the end of each trading day.

We have been in this business watching and studying the market for over 5 years. We have helped a lot of people build wealth through our sure arbitrage method. See the statistics yourself.








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How We Work

Our team will work closely with you to develop a customized wealth management plan that takes into account your unique needs and objectives.

Invest With Us

We have created a system with an arbitrage bot and an intuitive web UI, as well as backend mechanisms, for managing the crypto bot’s performance and currency balances.

The bot is been run by our Team of experts manually and they carry out the arbitrage on your behalf and ensure maximum profit is achieved at the end of each day and you are paid your daily 3% profit and that is what makes us different from other platforms.

Why Pantrage?

Automated Crypto Trading

Automated Crypto Trading

Through the arbitrage bot that is been run by our Team of Experts.

Supports Trading

Supports Trading

On various top exchanges like Binance, Bybit, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase, etc

No Limit

No Limit

Absence of any limitations on the number of trades to be executed by the Bot daily.

Easy Monitoring

Easy Monitoring

Convenient dashboard displaying all necessary informations.


Keep an eye out for our App and our debit card that will be  Launched by April 2024. The app will give you alternative means of accessing our platform and will be available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

More details will be passed across with time.